Two new studies within framework contract “Economic analysis in support of SME policy”

Almost all ENSR partners participate in the EU Framework Contract “Economic analysis in support of SME policy”. This framework contract is managed by Panteia, Ikei, Austrian Institute for SME Research, Oxford Research, Kingston University, Small Business Research Centre Kingston University, CSES and Economisti. In the second half of 2013, the consortium won 2 projects under this framework contract and since this work addresses the core business of ENSR, this is a success for ENSR as well.

The first project covers the collection and analysis of statistical data on women entrepreneurs in the 37 countries covered by the COSME programme of DG Enterprise and Industry. This part of the project is being managed by Panteia. The second part of the study covers a feasibility study for the creation of an e-platform for women entrepreneurs and is being managed by the Austrian Institute for SME Research project (KMFA).

The second project is managed by CSES. This project studies the time needed to get licences and permits to perform enterprise activities. In total 5 model companies are defined. This study also covers the 37 countries participating in COSME.