The Small Business Research Centre (SBRC) has an international reputation for its work and has developed an extensive portfolio of research and consultancy. The strength of the Centre is its reputation for the use of rigorous qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches to investigating research issues. It has received substantial long-term external support for its research.

The SBRC maintains contacts with other researchers and research institutions in the UK and abroad. It has a particularly strong network of researchers in Northern Ireland at NIERC, in Finland with the Helsinki School of Economics and with small business researchers in Japan and the United States. The SBRC research staff conduct workshops and present papers at conferences and seminars in the UK and abroad. In January 2001 the conference of the Academy of Marketing Special Interest Group in Marketing and Entrepreneurship was hosted by the SBRC on the Kingston Business School site. In addition, overseas academics come to work at the SBRC for periods of up to a year – over the last three years there have been two visiting professors from Japan. The Centre also seeks to disseminate its work to business practitioners. It is currently involved in three programmes, funded by TCS, a government scheme which helps companies access knowledge bases such as the SBRC.

The lead ENSR member in the UK is the Centre for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the University of Warwick. In some projects the Centre will cooperate with the SBRC and/or the SME Research Services.


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