Tecninvest is a Lisbon based private Portuguese research and consulting firm established in 1982 based on three divisions (process engineering, energy and economic planning) that for many years had been part of the largest Portuguese engineering consulting firm, in operation since 1963. The firm initially focused on conceptual engineering work, energy efficiency, sectoral planning and industrial market research, and, later, extended its activities to other areas such as economic/social development, municipal and urban planning, and environmental engineering, having pioneered a number of projects in Portugal in the environmental field.

In the 90’s Tecninvest increased substantially the research content of its services. Since then, many research assignments were carried out for public bodies and industry, covering a wide spectrum of research fields, including: innovation, technology development, small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s), environment, energy efficiency and social/economic matters. Part of this work has been conducted for the European Commission, frequently in co-operation with other European colleagues.

Link to website: http://www.tecninvest.com
Contact person: Antonio Coimbra
E-mail address: antonio.coimbra@tecninvest.pt
Address: R. Poeta Bocage, 6A – E/F
1600-581 LISBON
Telephone: +351 217 159482

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