News from WES research & strategy, Belgium

Introducing the new CEO of WES research & strategy
We’re announcing Hans Dobbelaere as the new chief executive officer of WES research & strategy. Hans has extensive international experience with transitions and change management in corporations and government agencies. As a representative of WES he attaches great importance to the incorporation of agility in our organizations and companies. Stephanie Devisscher remains contact person for the ENSR network at WES.

Local is beautiful
At WES we are strongly convinced that stimulating local dynamics in cities, communities and regions is a key condition for economic development and social cohesion. We are helping local authorities to take full advantage of the opportunities offered in the knowledge economy inspired by a 360° approach. Recent and ongoing work focuses on actions that can be undertaken by local authorities, such as:

  • Improving local stakeholder engagement. One interesting example is the local employment partnership in the city of Ghent where we provided advice to improve the functioning of partnership (
  • Improving the attractiveness of cities and regions. WES is specialised in strategic planning for local authorities in areas such as city marketing, tourism, sport, horeca, local economic development, education and employment.
  • Supporting the local business community as we do in the coaching project for entrepreneurs ‘Commercial inspiration’