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Entrepreneurship Education in Ireland
Entrepreneurship education has received considerable policy interest in Ireland in the past decade, and the government published a policy statement on the topic in 2014.
TMA were commissioned by SOLAS, the national further education and training authority, to undertake a study on best practices in the provision of entrepreneurship education in the Further Education and Training Sector. TMA presented their comprehensive report in December 2016 and SOLAS is in the process of implementing the recommendations.
The study for SOLAS follows TMA’s wide-ranging service mapping study of entrepreneurship education provision in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. The study had been commissioned by the South-East Regional Authority (SERA) as part of its involvement in an EU-funded regional study examining the provision of entrepreneurship education for young people. TMA’s report for SERA can be downloaded here:
TMA have contributed a number of entrepreneurship studies led by ENSR partners such as KMU and ikei.