News from Civitta, Lithuania

Civitta is fostering innovation and entrepreneurship development in Central and Eastern Europe

Civitta in consortium with TNO is implementing a European Commission funded project to develop Digital Innovation Hubs Catalogue – SMART 2016/0002. The purpose of the project is to collect a comprehensive database of the digital innovation hubs in Europe aimed for providing the SMEs and industries with access to specialized competence and testing facilities in order to digitize their products or processes. The project helps to develop a network of hubs to contribute to the Industrial Digitisation strategy, which plans to establish at least one world-class digital innovation hub in every region in Europe. Civitta will be mapping Digital Innovation Hubs in Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary in order to provide the European Commission with an overview of existing and emerging Digital Innovation Hubs – the entities that will offer technological and business support to the industry in the process of implementing new digital technologies.

Civitta is also one of the pioneers in helping the Lithuanian Robotics Association to conduct a feasibility study and develop a business plan for a new Lithuanian Robotics Digital Innovation Hub that will aim to support the uptake of robotic solutions in industries by providing technology audits, access to finance and business support to industry on the topic of robotisation.
Being a partner in different startup accelerators, like Startup Scaleup (by Startup Europe), Futurepreneurs (by Erasmus+), LIFE (by Startup Europe), Civitta is an active supporter of entrepreneurship and startups. One of the programs Civitta is running – Futurepreneurs – is a three month long pre-accelerator program for impact driven entrepreneurs. Participants receive mentorship, education and skill development while preparing their business solutions. This business development training package outlines 6 training sessions for developing startups from an idea to a viable solution ready to be presented to potential investors. Every session will be led by experienced business mentors from Civitta and eventually will be evaluated by VCs from the Baltic States. The accelerator will be replicated in Poland for the class of 2018.