News from Civitta, Lithuania

Civitta is helping to implement Smart Tax Administration System in Lithuania
In the year 2013 Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate started to develop Smart Tax Asdministration Program (i.MAS) with the aim of significantly reducing shadow economy in Lithuania and transform STI‘s business processes to the next generation business model, based on operational data management and real time data assessment. The total value of the program is up to 30 million € and it is expected to be fully implemented by 2020.
Since the beginning Civitta team has participated in all stages of i.MAS development, helping STI to define the overall concept of i.MAS and its sub-systems, assisted in developing regulations, business processes, preparation of the data model and system architecture, funding and technical documentation.
In 2016 Civitta together with partners started working on i.SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) project, which is a part of i.MAS program. In the scope of the project the team has prepared i.SAF-T business model, detailed business processes, data model, standardized tests that will be carried out while processing SAF-T files of the taxpayers, technical functional requirements for vendor selection. i.SAF-T process shall enhance the monitoring and control process of STI and shall be introduced to tax payers in 2018.
After the full implementation of the program, Lithuania will become one of the few countries globally to switch fully to standardized electronic data submission and electronic risk evaluation, that will significantly reduce time spent on document collection, processing and investigation, as well as heavily decrease burden to businesses.
Overall, i.MAS program is considered to be one of the most significant projects over the past 5 years which essentially transforms the perception of the tax and revenue management in the country.