European ENSR fellows

Now that ENSR is maturing, we see that some of our distinguished colleagues are transitioning from their prominent positions in ENSR organizations to a more independent position. The Executive Committee would like to see a continued connection to these individuals in order to still leverage their expertise and wisdom in proposals and assignments and has therefore launched the ENSR Faculty.

Rob van der Horst and Giuliano Vittorio Mussati were invited in September 2013 to be the first Fellows of the Faculty and have kindly accepted the nomination. In July 2014 Miroslav Rebernik accepted his nomination. In 2020 Robert Blackburn accepted his nomination.
European ENSR fellows are members of the ENSR in their individual capacity and not representing a specific partner or a specific country. They are on the full mailing list for Tenders and Awards and other communication as well as receivers of our newsletter. ENSR partners can consult and/or include them on proposals and assignments, though they will not take lead in either.

Rob van der Horst
(The Netherlands)
Guiliano Mussati
prof. Giuliano Mussati
prof. Miroslav Rebernik

prof. Robert Blackburn
(United Kingdom)