In celebration of David Storey

David Storey 1947-2023
One of the founders of the ENSR

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Professor David Storey passed away on 15th of July 2023 after his battle with prostate cancer. At the end he was surrounded by his family and he passed away peacefully, without pain and listening to his favourite Buddy Holly songs. 

David Storey, OBE, served as Professor at the Department of Business Management and Economics at University of Sussex, UK. He had a First Class Degree in Economics, a Diploma in Applied Statistics and a PhD in Economics and two honorary Doctorates. He was a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Manchester, Reading and Durham and an International Fellow at Sydney University.

David Storey was one of the founders of the European Network for Social and Economic Research ENSR. When EIM took the initiative to establish a European network specialised in SME research, we approached David Storey, director of the SME Centre of the Warwick University. David immediately recognised the strategic importance of such network and attended the first meeting of directors in December 1990 in Zoetermeer.

Ever since David has been a strong supporter of the network, although he sometimes also warned us not to choose the path of ‘dirty consultancy’ work but rather to follow the road of proper scientific work.

David Storey published many excellent papers. His book “Understanding the Small Business Sector” is one of the most frequently cited publications in this field. His paper “Six steps to Heaven: Evaluating the Impact of Public Policies to Support Small Businesses in Developed Economies” has become a standard work.

In 1998 David received the International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research from the Swedish Council. He has also been awarded a Wilford White fellowship from the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) and was a Fellow of the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE).

David Storey has also undertaken work for many overseas governments and organisations. He produced for OECD in 2007 a Handbook on SME policy evaluation,

David was also good company. My wife and I will miss his friendship and great sense of – typical British – humour. We have spent several hours with David and his lovely wife Anne in different parts of the world and we had always great fun.

Our deepest condolences to David’s family and friends. He will be greatly missed and long remembered. Please feel free to send your condolences to the Storey family home: Dunelm, Knowle Hill, Kenilworth, CV8 2DZ, United Kingdom.

Rob van der Horst
Fellow of the ENSR
Past-President of the ICSB