The Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (FED) is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Sofia. FED is specialised in small business, local economic and social development and public administration development research, consultancy and training. The methodology FED employs to evaluate, study and support SMEs is based on the expertise of leading EU institutions with which the Foundation has cooperated in the course of the years.

The expertise of the FED’s team and the network of professionals working with FED allows the Foundation an independent realisation of individual projects and makes it possible to execute extensive and muldidisciplinary tasks.

The most important domains of the FED’ activity are as follows:

– Regional and local economic and social development

– Community and civic society development

– Modernization of administration systems

– Conceptualisation and implementation of training programmes

– Technical assistance in international business cooperation through information, counseling and advice services to SMEs, their associations and municipalities

Enterprise development

– Projects and programs monitoring and evaluation.


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Contact person: Elena Krastenova

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Address: 18 Dukatska Planina Str. fl. 3

1606 SOFIA

Telephone: +359 2 9525758

Fax: +359 2 9525783