The “Chambre des Métiers du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg” (Chamber of Skilled Craft Trades of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg) represents more than 4,300 enterprises of the skilled craft sector. Its main objective is the representation of the interests of SMEs  especially those of the skilled craft industries. The Chambre des Métiers supplies con-sultation and assistance for these SMEs.
A specific department called “Centre de Promotion et de Recherche (CPR)” conducts quantitative and qualitative research in different fields and realizes promotion activities as well as economic and technical advice. Research activities involve different issues such as internationalisation and export, entrepreneurship, market strategies, innovation and quality insurance, standards, environmental strategies, cooperation between firms, energy, business policy and managerial orientation of SMEs. The CPR conducts also on a regular basis statistical analysis of the SMEs of the skilled craft sector.


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