ENSR days 2018

The theme from the ENSR days 2018 was Digitalisation: what does it mean for our clients and what does it mean for our work? A brief event report is here available. ENSR Days 2018 Event Report Final

Announcement ENSR days 2018

The annual ENSR days (training and directors workshop) will be held on 19 and 20 April 2018 at the University Foundation in Brussels.

ENSR Newsletter January 2018

To read more about our network and activities we invite you to click on the link from our latest Newsletter. ENSR Newsletter January 2018

News from TMA, Ireland

Age friendly strategies There has been a significant interest in the development of age friendly policies among local government bodies. This reflects a national strategy published by the Department (Ministry) of Health which set out a vision for an age-friendly society through the achievement of four national goals (participation, health, security and research). Though Ireland has a younger age profile … Read More

News from Praxis, Estonia

Cost and cost-effectiveness of workplace-based studies for employers Foundation Innove, that among other objectives promotes vocational education in Estonia, has commissioned a research that aims to identify the costs and benefits of workplace-based studies from the companies’ perspective. This is the first research study with a focus on cost-effectiveness of workplace-based studies in Estonia. Praxis Centre for Policy Studies will … Read More

​News from KMU-HSG, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

​Germany’s most influential economists Friederike Welter from IfM-Bonn (Germany) and Thomas Zellweger from Center for Family Business at KMU-HSG (Switzerland) are listed on the «FAZ» researchers’ list of «Germany’s most influential economists». On the overall list, Friederike Welter is on rank 17! Link: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/f-a-z-oekonomenranking-2017-die-tabellen-15173039.html

News from CCIR, Romania

Debates on strengthening the bilateral economic relations between Romania and Croatia, at CCIR The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), in cooperation with the Chamber of Economy of the Republic of Croatia, organized on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, at the CCIR Business Center, the Bilateral Business Forum Romania – Croatia. The event was an excellent opportunity for Romanian … Read More

News from CCIR, Romania

Romania’s position and role in the European energy market The President of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban, had a working meeting with the European Commission representative from the Directorate General for Energy (DG Energy), Mr. Dominique Ristori, on Wednesday, at CCIR Business Center. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Romanian business environment interested and involved in the energy field. … Read More

​News from CCIR, Romania

Collaboration protocol between the Ministry of Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship (MMACA) and CCIR in support of the Romanian business environment in foreign markets The Minister of MMACA and the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), signed a cooperation protocol regarding the efficiency and diversification of the external economic missions, in order to support the … Read More

​News from CCIR, Romania

CCIR – in support of the furniture industry The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) and the Association of Furniture Producers in Romania (APMR) organized at Romexpo, during BIFE-SIM international fair, the conference: “How does the state encourage Romanian competitiveness of a performing sector?”.The discussions in the event focused on the wood crisis and the modification of the … Read More