According to the Statutes, the General Meeting is the highest authority in the ENSR. It is composed of the directors of all member-organisations and meets every three years. The General Meeting appoints the members of the Executive Committee, and approves the action plan and the budget.

At the General Meeting of 22 April 2016 the following persons were elected as members of the Executive Committee for the period 2016-2019:

  • Dr. Kim Møller, Chairman (Oxford Group, Denmark
  • Prof. Robert Blackburn (Small Business Research Centre, Kingston University, UK)
  • Mr. Antonio Corral (Ikei, Spain)
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Snijders (Panteia/EIM, The Netherlands), Executive Director
  • Mr. Thomas Oberholzner (KMFA – Austrian Institute for SME Research, Austria)
  • Deputy members were also named:

  • Mrs. Katrin Pihor (Praxis, Estonia)
  • Mr. Aivars Timofejevs (Oxford Research Baltics, Latvia)
  • Mr. Pierre Hausemer (VVA, Italy)

As the ENSR is not a legal entity, research projects are mostly managed by one of the members in the Network. In such a case other members would act as subcontractors. If specific knowledge or experience is needed, experts from outside the ENSR are hired. An ENSR member may also act as subcontractor to a third party; other ENSR members would then act as sub-subcontractors.


The secretariat of the ENSR is hosted by Panteia and is staffed by:

  • Mrs Jacqueline Snijders, Executive Director ENSR
  • Mrs Cisca Snel

Contact details:

Bredewater 26
2715 CA Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
Phone+31 79 3222249
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Brussels Office:

Since January 2004 the Network has an office in Brussels, in the heart of the European district:

11, Avenue des Arts
1000 Brussels
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