According to the Statutes, the General Meeting is the highest authority in the ENSR. It is composed of the directors of all member-organisations and meets every three years. The General Meeting appoints the members of the Executive Committee, and approves the action plan and the budget.

At the General Meeting of 2 May 2019 the following persons were elected as members of the Executive Committee for the period 2019-2021:

    • Dr. Kim Møller, Chairman (Oxford Group, Denmark
    • Mr. Thomas Oberholzner (KMFA – Austrian Institute for SME Research, Austria)
    • Mr. Antonio Corral (Ikei, Spain)
    • Mr. Aivars Timofejevs (SIA Oxford Research Baltics, Latvia)
    • Mrs. Jacqueline Snijders (Panteia/EIM, The Netherlands), Executive Director

Deputy members were also named:

  • Mr. Jan Helbich (Erudio, Slovak Republic)
  • Mr. Bradford Rohmer (Oxford Research, Sweden)

As the ENSR is not a legal entity, research projects are mostly managed by one of the members in the Network. In such a case other members would act as subcontractors. If specific knowledge or experience is needed, experts from outside the ENSR are hired. An ENSR member may also act as subcontractor to a third party; other ENSR members would then act as sub-subcontractors.


The secretariat of the ENSR is hosted by Panteia and is staffed by:

  • Mrs Jacqueline Snijders, Executive Director ENSR
  • Mrs Cisca Snel

Contact details:

Bredewater 26
2715 CA Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
Phone+31 79 3222249
Email Address

Brussels Office:

Since January 2004 the Network has an office in Brussels, in the heart of the European district:

11, Avenue des Arts
1000 Brussels
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